With over 15 years of experience Tal is an award winning and appreciated film and television editor, film lecturer and story consultant.

Tal has dedicated her life to the art of storytelling, with a background in Theatre and Acting in High School, she went on to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Studies (cum laude) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, followed by and a Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television from the Tisch School of Film at the Tel Aviv University. 

Tal has also been a film lecturer since 2006 focusing on film editing and documentary filmmaking. 

Tal spent 9 years on the board of the Israeli Editor Guild (retired in mid 2019)

Tal is co-founder of the Mrs. Wulf Story Consulting service.

Amongst her editing works are critically acclaimed and award winning projects such as: “Magnificent Failure” (Dir: Jasmine Kainy, 60 minute documentary film) , “Munich – Operation Bayonet” (Dir: Ron Mayberg, 60 min documentary film) “The Same Village” (Dir: Jasmine Kainy, 60 minute documentary film) “The Essential Link – The Story of Wilfrid Israel” (Dir: Yonatan Nir, 90 min documentary film) “Blend” (Dir: Racheli Rusinek, 90 min documentary film) “Ringo and Taher” (Dir: Jonny Arbid, 50 min fiction film) “Being a Father” (Dir: Jasmine Kainy, Israeli Channel 10 5 part documentary series) “Live and Die in Entebbe” (Dir: Eyal Boers, 75 min documentary film) “Bahad 1” (Dir: Yifat Kedar, 6 part documentary series) “White Country” (Dir: Jasmine Kainy, 4 part documentary series)  as well as several video art projects. 


“…Ms. Brog is an excellent picture editor, one of the best I have ever worked with. I think that her greatest talents are a deep and thorough understanding of the footage she is working with and realization of its potential; and unrelenting dedication to the projects she is taking part of… Ms. Brog is very pleasant to work with. She is always on time, and won’t hesitate to stay at the edit room after hours to complete a scene or re-edit a clip she wasn’t satisfied with. This letter of recommendation can’t express my greatest satisfaction with Ms. Brog’s work, and I’m grateful for many projects, from short clips to complete series, she managed to edit in the highest professional standards, with wisdom and intelligence rarely found on edit rooms, and in good spirit.

I have no doubt she will handle successfully any project she commits to. I would be glad to elaborate and answer any question about Ms. Brog.

With best regards, Noam Shalev, Managing Director – Highlight Films”

“I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with Tal in a variety of capacities for a few years now both as my student at the MFA program at the Tel Aviv University, where I am a senior faculty member, and after her studies as a filmmaker and editor.

Tal is a highly motivated young woman, extremely competent, with an extensive world view and of numerous talents. She writes, directs, and edits and is truly committed to the art of filmmaking.
She is also friendly, enthusiastic and trustworthy. In conversations I have held with Tal on various subjects I have found that she is extremely knowledgeable, creative, and willing to listen, always warm and friendly.

Working together on my film “Nuzhat”, where Tal was an assistant editor, Tal made several important contributions to the cutting of the film. Her insights were always valued by both the editor and myself. I know that Tal has been a partner in the creative and artistic processing of my film and I am very happy that she took part in it…

Sincerely, Prof. Judd Ne’eman – Producer-Director “

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