white country

5 chapters on racism in Israel. For months, the series has been following five Ethiopian Israelis experiencing overt and covert racism in their daily lives. Each episode reveals the depth of the racism that the heroes encounter everywhere: on the street, on the bus, at work, in education, in the media, on television screens, facing government offices and in the corridors of the Hebrew University. The heroes of the series struggle against discrimination, stereotypes and glass ceilings that threaten to limit and fail them every step they take to move forward.

Director: Jasmine Kainy, editors: Tal Brog and Iris Ozer, Cinematography: David Zarif – Israel channel 8 documentary channel

By טל ברוג Tal Brog

טל ברוג היא יוצרת סרטים ועורכת סרטים וסדרות טלוויזיה, כמו גם מרצה לקולנוע ויועצת סיפור בחברה שפתחה יחד עם עמוס פונגר.

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