Not a great deal of archival material about Wilfrid Israel has survived but, with the aid of photographs, a few documents, eyewitness interviews, and archival material relating to the rise of the Nazis, Yonatan Nir and his colleagues have created a fascinating picture of a man who was driven by his determination to save as many lives as possible. He saw the writing on the wall long before the great majority of German Jews and decided to use his great wealth for the rescue of as many people as possible. For example, he provided the finance for the creation of a children’s settlement in Palestine, helped hundreds of his employees to emigrate (paying them two years’ wages!), and not only inspired the Kindertransport movement but supported the operation financially.

By טל ברוג Tal Brog

טל ברוג היא יוצרת סרטים ועורכת סרטים וסדרות טלוויזיה, כמו גם מרצה לקולנוע ויועצת סיפור בחברה שפתחה יחד עם עמוס פונגר.

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