being a father

Each and every one of us has a father. But what does it mean to be a father? And what is the role of the father in the family? These are the questions that are raised by Tal Friedman in the series “Being a Father”. In the series, Tal first reveals his personal, complex and exciting fatherhood story and takes the viewer to meet fascinating coping stories of various fathers. In each chapter, Friedman examines a different angle of fatherhood and examines what has changed in the institution of fatherhood, and what characterizes fathers today. Tal reveals the difficulties that accompany him as a father to a girl with special needs. Tal examines the relations of fathers and sons, fathers and daughters and also asks – what happened to father’s authority? And what about Dad’s love?

Director: Jasmine Kainy, Editors: Tal Brog and Iris Ozer, Cinematography: Eyal Ben Moshe and David Zarif – Channel 10

By טל ברוג Tal Brog

טל ברוג היא יוצרת סרטים ועורכת סרטים וסדרות טלוויזיה, כמו גם מרצה לקולנוע ויועצת סיפור בחברה שפתחה יחד עם עמוס פונגר.

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