TERRA – אדמה

10 Minute – Experimental DocumentaryImage

Directed by Pedro Lino, Edited by Tal Brog and Pedro Lino 

This film seeks to portray the tradition of the “Chegas de Bois” – the Ox Fights –  that happen every year in the area of Tras-os-Montes in the far Northeast Portugal, as a way to record and reflect on a lifelong phenomenon that is still very much alive nowadays; By carrying out this documentary, I propose to preserve the memory of the “Chegas”, showing different ways of life that still exist today, much in contrast to our own way of “modern” life;


By טל ברוג Tal Brog

טל ברוג היא יוצרת סרטים ועורכת סרטים וסדרות טלוויזיה, כמו גם מרצה לקולנוע ויועצת סיפור בחברה שפתחה יחד עם עמוס פונגר.

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